Russian & Ukrainian Ethnic, Folkloristic & Artist Post Cards 1900 - 1930

new 07.07.05

   Postcard signed & 

all Cards o (not used) around 1920 good Condition 3,- Euro each


      RUF 1a (up) + 1b (down)                                        RUF 2a (up) + 2b (down)


RUF 3a (up) + 3b (down)                                   RUF 4a (up) + 4b (down)


signed Card down RUK 01a 5,- Euro

CARD up RUK 1b signed like first Cards above 3,- Euro


all Cards signed like above Artist M.Germaschew all unused very good condition 4,- Euro each

RUKG-01 a RUKG-01 b

all Verlag Lenz & Rudolff - Riga No. 212                           &                            203                                          


RUKG 2a No. 182 (up)       2B No.35 (down)                         RUKG 3a No. 184 (up)     3b No. 183 (down)

RUKG 4a No. 54 (up)     4b No. 185 (down)


Cards signed  S. Solomko

No 477 Doux mots                           No 475 Les adieux   5,- Euro each

RUKS 01a                         RUKS 01b

Cards Types du Ukraina



No. 23 (up)   No. 126 (down) good condition 3,- Euro each

                                           No. 8                          No. 86  good condition 3,- Euro each

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