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Ausgewählte AK Aus meiner Sammlung

Modelle Serien - AK I   45
Modelle Serien-AK II
Card de Visit
Echt Photo AK
Trachten Mode Ethnic
Schauspieler Actresses Tanz
geflochten Zopf Braids
Musik Instrumente
Erotik Seiten


                           43  NPG 421 same Woman as Main-Card HP (NPG 282)



  44                                                23





buying Cards from this Serie

14          15



        13                             13a  

the most fascinating for me in collecting this kind of Cards is to complete different Series,

example above, the left Card I have since more then 5 years, never I found another Card from

this Serie, now I won in US Ebay from Bulgarian dealer.


Another Examples

left Cards I have since many Years, right I found in US Ebay



this woman is an old type of Photo-Modell, because she is on lot of

different Series of Cards, I own


Ich  suche vergleichbare Karten

I´m searching Cards like this


         09                                  08


     06                                05






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